(By the might of Horus, you will kneel before us!  From The Prince of Egypt animation, 1998)

The iconic symbol of ancient Egypt’s Gods, the falcon deity Sky God and also God of Kingship, who had been worshipped well before his Osirian family myth was even developed, as early as the start of the Dynastic Period. Horus was conceived by his mother, loyal and loving Goddess Isis, after she had used her magical powers to bring his father God Osiris back to life, Osiris was murdered by his own brother and enemy God Seth (God of evil and chaos). Usually, Horus is depicted as a crowned falcon or a falcon-headed man. According to myth, Horus lost his eye in his battle with his uncle God Seth, but Horus was able to defeat him. Later, the eye of Horus was restored by magical powers and became a symbol of healing and a known amulet for protection against evil.

Note 1: Celebrity Rihanna is known to have a Horus tattoo on her ankle.

Note 2: Head of Horus is the logo of EgyptAir, the national airlines of Egypt.

Size Height (cm) Width (cm) Length (cm)
Small N/A N/A N/A
Medium 11 12 N/A
Large N/A N/A N/A
X Large N/A N/A N/A