The Ankh may be the most well known sign of ancient Egypt; a Hieroglyphic symbol that means “Life”, commonly seen being offered by Gods like Anubis and Isis while performing rituals to the dead in the afterlife; used as a symbol of eternity. It is also being popularly used till this day as a talisman or an amulet to protect against the forces of evil and to signify eternal life all over the world. Due to the resemblance of the Ankh and the Christian cross, it was adopted by the 4th century Coptic Christians because it signifies a similar meaning to what Jesus christ told about the life after death, and the sacrifice believed he had made.
Size Height (cm) Width (cm) Length (cm)
Small 10 5 N/A
Medium 15 8 N/A
Large 20 10 N/A
X Large 35 20 N/A

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